America Now!*?$
April 10, 11, 1969

"Crawling Arnold"
BarryJack Cheezum
GraceGwen Love
Miss SympathyKathy Segal
MillieDorothey Mae Lee Morris
ArnoldJeffrey Newhard
First ApplicantBrian Dale
Second ApplicantRachael Reis
Third ApplicantDick Dickerman
Fourth ApplicantInger Madsen
First InterviewerKathy Segal
Second InterviewerHoward Ellis
Third InterviewerBunny Dickerman
Fourth InterviewerDavid Parry
Production Staff
Director ("Crawling Arnold")Rachael Reis
Director ("Interview")Jeffrey Mewhard
Stage Manager ("Crawling Arnold")Sue Stephens
Stage Manager ("Interview")Paulette Gloner
SettingsSam Schatz
SoundDouglas Hollingsworth
LightingTravers Schadler
CreditsZeller's Decorative Arts, Bethlehem Junior Chamber of Commerce, John B. Dalton

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