Urinetown: The Musical
October 7, 8, 14, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23, 2005

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LockstockRalph Montesano
PennywiseMarla Endick
Bobby StrongRobert Callan
Little SallyLori Sivick
Hope CladwellCarolyn Shemwell
Caldwell B. CladwellNelson Rabenold
Senator FippDan Flynn
Mr. McQueenMickey Brown
Old Man StrongGene Connelly
Josephine StrongVicki Montesano
Hot Blades HarryGene Connelly
Little Becky Two ShoesMandi Trollinger
Officer BarrelJim Tully
Soupy SueCheryl Burke
Old WomanCheryl Wenhold
MillenniumBecki Wenhold
Cladwell's SecretaryGail Nagy
Tiny TomJames Stabp
Dr. BilleauxPhil Markley
Robby StockfishRyan Doncsecz
UGC Exec #1/CopAdrienne Sorg
UGC Exec #2/CopLisa Suppan
Billy Boy BillMarc Montesano
UGC Exec #3/CopRebecca Knappenberger
Urinetown DwellerKristen Johnson
Production Staff
DirectorChip Rohrbach
Musical DirectorButch Di Minico
ChoreographerChistine Janoski
Co-Stage ManagerTerri Yankus
Co-Stage ManagerBecky Trollinger
CostumerKarliene Zack
Lighting DesignDan Lewis
Set ConstructionRichard Gunkle
Set PaintingTom and Pam Steigerwalt
Set DesignChip Rohrbach

Cast Photos
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'Urinetown' is a musically fun place to go

Special to The Morning Call

If you're in town, ''Urinetown'' might be the place to be. The official Web site for this Broadway musical, now at the Pennsylvania Playhouse, calls it a ''neo-Brechtian absurdist melodrama.'' It is actually more Benny Hill than Brecht, and more Stooges than Sondheim. But it should appeal to your innate sense of humor.

This satire of Broadway musicals imagines an anti-utopia where all water is owned by the giant Urine Good Company. No private bathrooms are allowed and poor people must wait in line for the pay public toilets. In this world, as the title of the second song explains, ''It's a Privilege to Pee.'' Those who break the rules are sent to the mysterious Urinetown.

One resident who is exiled is Old Man Strong (Gene Connelly), father of the play's hero Bobby (Rob Callan Adams), who works for restroom owner Ms. Pennywise (Marla Endick). Bobby's rebellion against the system is complicated when he falls in love with sweet, naïve Hope (Carolyn Shemwell), daughter of the villainous president of UGC, Caldwell B. Cladwell (Nelson Rabenold).

Throughout, Officer Lockstock (Ralph Montesano) and Little Sally (Lori Sivick) step out of the actionto comment about the play.

Lockstock's partner (Jim Tully) is named Barrel. To give you an example what you are in for, at one point, there is a call for all law enforcement, Lockstock and Barrel. There is nothing really offensive.

The cast of 25 is terrific both acting and singing, providing just the right feel to get the maximum number of laughs.

The play is a bit long — 21/2 hours. But directors Chip Rohrbach (book) and Butch DiMinico (music) know exactly how to present it, which is to play everything straight and let the gags come out naturally. The five-piece orchestra of two pianos, bass, clarinet, and trombone adds a lot to the musical numbers.

''Urinetown,'' 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday, 2 p.m. Sunday, Pennsylvania Playhouse, Illick's Mill Road, Bethlehem. Tickets: $18; $15, seniors and students Fridays and Sundays. 610-865-6665, http://www.paplayhouse.org .

Dave Howell is a freelance writer.

Jodi Duckett,

Arts and Entertainment Editor



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