August 1, 2, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 2008

Oliver TwistAidan Newell
FaginMark A Stutz
The Artful DodgerAndrea Cobb
NancyJennifer Hartshorne-Hesketh
Bill SykesJoseph A Pionegro
Mr. BumblePaul C. Bonnici
Widow CorneyLaura Sweeney Riker
Mr. Sowerberry & Dr. GrimwigT.J. Walker
Mrs. SowerberryJan Kleckner
Mr. BrownlowRalph Schwalm
Mrs. BedwinJennifer Oaks
BetSavannah Turpening
Noah ClaypoleJustin Doncsecz
CharlotteHannah Snyder-Samuelson
Charlie BatesMark Allen Bensinger
Old SallyNancy Sturm
Old AnnieJennifer Macias
Workhouse Orphans
Danielle Detz
Miles Zakos
Gianna Grigalonis
Aeriell Hartshorne-Hesketh
Sarah Sturm
Brittney Daniel
Gigi Caballero
Kayleigh Scott
Nina Beltrami
Julia Smith
Lea Rose Rossnese
Jonathan Riker
Evan Hartzman-Tracy
Jessica O'Dell
Jake Newell
Jackie Edwards
Ariel Craft
Aiden Newell
Kelly Donah
Fagin's Pickpockets
Justin Doncsecz
Hannah Snyder-Samuelson
Andrea Cobb
Mark Allan Bensinger
Sarah Sturm
Aeirell Hartshorne-Hesketh
Jon Lynch
Cassandr Haines
Courtney Haines
Alicia Varcoe
Jackie Edwards
Ryan Skerchek
Ariel Craft
Grace Martin
Cassie McCabe
Lauren Albers
Tara Romayshyn
Michael Samuelson
Peter Loikits
Arielle Siner
Stacie Robinson
Justin Doncsecz
Hannah Snyder-Samuelson
Nancy Sturm
Jennifer Macias
Peter Loikits
Arielle Siner
Michael Samuelson
George Thanhauser II
Jon Lynch
Lauren Klingensmith
Ashley Smith
Alisa Reichard
Alexis Leon
Cassandra Haines
Courtney Haines
Alicia Varcoe
Jessica Ward
Andrea Hegedus
Jillian Skerchek
Ryan Skerchek
Katie Walker
Production Staff
Director/ChoreographerSue Raesly
Musical DirectorNancy Shumaker
Assistant DirectorLeonard Luvera
Stage ManagerShannon Varcoe
Prop MasterMeg Skerchek
Lighting DesignerMarnie Cumings
Orphans/Pickpocket Costume CoordinatorsBette A. Donah & Tracy Samuelson
Townspeople/Principals Costume CoordinatorJennifer Oaks
Set DesignerLen Luvera
Set ConstructionVince Luvera
Sound ProductionRobert Raesly

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Well-done 'Oliver!' at Pennsylvania Playhouse

By Kathy Lauer-Williams
Of The Morning Call  11:12 AM EDT, August 4, 2008

A large cast that filled the stage and very good singing overall highlighted a well-done "Oliver!" at Pennsylvania Playhouse.

The intimate stage constantly bustled throughout Lionel Bart's tuneful musical based on Charles Dicken's classic novel. From the opening number where 18 orphans crowded at and, then danced on, long tables for "Food, Glorious Food," to Fagin's final contemplative reprise, director Sue Raesly kept the show's pace brisk with dancing and songs that seemed almost continuous. Singers seemlessly hit their cues and kept the action moving.

Aidan Newell, a 7th grader at Saucon Valley Middle School, has the pale wan look and sweet high voice of the main character down pat. However Newell is fairly tall and when lyrics described him as a small boy it seemed slightly odd, although overall not too distracting.

The key role of the Artful Dodger was played by Parkland High School student Andrea Cobb with much energy and enthusiasm and scenes in which she led the motley crew of 17 pickpockets played by elementary and middle school children were fun to watch.

The pickpocket scenes were enhanced by the fine performance of Mark Stutz as Fagin, the head of the pickpocket ring. He worked extremely well with the children and added a slightly comedic touch to the role.

Among the many standouts, were Jennifer Hartshorne-Hesketh who made Nancy a powerful and tragic figure. Her "Oom-Pah-Pah" which opens the second act was as bawdy and joyous as her "As Long as he Needs Me," was achingly plaintive.

Joe Pionegro as the evil Bill Sykes was a truly menacing presence and practically growled his way through "My Name," and even elicited appreciative 'boos' for his characterization at his curtain call.

Paul Bonnici and Laura Sweeney Riker are memorable as Mr. Bumble and the widow and their duet "I Shall Scream," was a comic delight.

The ingenious, although simple set, used a revolving centerpiece that morphed from a workhouse to a funeral parlor to Fagin's lair against a painted backdrop of a London cityscape. Actors wore period costumes with the villains getting the best outfits.


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